Well established vendor connection along with great team work makes Glory House Apparels Inc., specialist in sourcing. This also allows the company to explore the unexplored possibilities of sourcing the best garments.

buying office tirupur gloryhouse
buying office tirupur gloryhouse

Vendor Selection

We connect with vendors and select a vendor according to the product specification and order placement. We take time to choose the right vendor. We opt for people who has the right attitude and who strive for the best. Vendor selection is one of the key success.

Price Negotiation

Price negotiation is one of our key strength. We get competitively priced products for our clients without any compromise on quality. The price negotiation is kept transparent with the knowledge of the buyer. We take extra care to maintain transparency and competitiveness when it comes to price negotiation.

buying office tirupur gloryhouse
buying office in tirupur

Product Sampling

We have highly efficient sampling facility. We have an inhouse sampling department and sampling unit that is supervised by experts. We assist buyers with samples for promotion and production quality control.

We develop designs as per clients specification. The buyer confirms the fit and style with the help of samples. We make samples for an entire size set. Once the client approves the samples it becomes a benchmark for the remaining work.

Latest fashion inputs, technical advances, new fabrics and value additions are always added into our library for buyer reference.

Quality Assurance

We conduct timely quality checks at all stages from pre-production, mid inspection to post-production. Quality is the hallmark of all our products. We believe in total quality management (TQM) which is a combination of quality control and quality assurance. Once the product passes the acceptability norms of the client only then it is shipped.

buying office in tirupur
buying office tirupur gloryhouse

Logistics and Shipment follow up

Our logistics department handles all the documents regarding shipping of the product. We ensure that we have the correct shipping documents and get prior approval from the client before and post shipment. This ensures trouble free delivery to the destination. We also record our follow ups which saves time.